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Miracle happens in the Middle East; God multiplies supplies for refugees

Associated Project: Syria Crisis

Yazen* couldn’t provide for his family, and it grieved him. A Syrian refugee, his family had fled a violent conflict and had sought peace in a new country.

They only possessed what few items they could carry when they left their home.

With no options for work, Yazen had no way to care for their basic needs. A local Christian worker met Yazen and gave him a $35 voucher for a nearby grocery store. BGR was funding these vouchers so refugees in difficult situations could purchase food.

Yazen knew $35 wouldn’t feed his wife and children for long, but he thanked the Christian anyway. In response, the worker prayed with Yazen, asking God to perform a miracle and to provide for the family.

A few days later, Yazen called the worker, praising God. The voucher bought much more food and supplies than expected, and the refugee celebrated this as a miracle.

He wanted to meet with the believer again to hear more about the God to whom the two of them had prayed.

Conflicts in the Middle East have displaced millions of people like Yazen who struggle to find food, clean water and other necessities to survive. To care for refugees, we need your help. With your financial support, the displaced will receive aid such as food vouchers, blankets, heaters and tents. If you have already given, we thank you for your generosity.

*Name changed

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