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Helping survivors of massive twin landslides

FAYZABAD, Afghanistan --- A day of nationwide mourning was declared in Afghanistan after a May 2 landslide buried a village of 2,700 people – and a second landslide buried hundreds of rescuers – under more than 160 feet of mud and rubble.

BGR is planning a response to the disaster, which occurred in the Argo district of Badakhshan province in northeastern Afghanistan.

A BGR partner at the site said the scene was horrific: A small boy digging desperately to find his mother. A man weeping by a hole that had yielded three bodies and still held five more. A mountainside house on the opposite side of the valley was destroyed when the mud “climbed the mountain for it.” The first landslide occurred during a wedding celebration.

Survivors “are all traumatized and wandering around like they have seen the end of the world,” the partner reported.

BGR has committed $10,000 for emergency food aid, which will begin by providing a cooked meal for 2,500 people. The intention is to fill the gap until supplies arrive in the very remote area.

You can help survivors in crises like this by donating to BGR’s Disaster Response Fund.

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