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He stayed awake all night, listening for bombs in the Gaza Strip

Associated Project: Middle East Crisis

As fighting continued in the Gaza Strip, 25 people huddled in Anwar’s* house. They were his family—his wife and children plus several nieces and their children—all driven from their homes by the Israeli and Palestinian conflict.

Two nieces had already lost their husbands to the violence.

Before the ceasefire, bombs exploded day and night within earshot of Anwar’s home, even destroying a house down the street. Anwar stayed awake for many nights, hoping that if he could hear a bomb coming, he could gather the children into another part of his house.

However, if one had really sailed toward them, his vigilance would have been in vain. Anwar would never have enough time to move 20 children before it killed them.

The people in Gaza, like Anwar’s family, now live in fear. They hope for the fighting to stop permanently so they can rebuild what’s left of their lives, and during the ceasefire, they search for food. However, what remains in the shops has become very expensive.

BGR is partnering with a local organization to distribute food to 1,000 Palestinian families sequestered in their homes or in shelters, mourning lost friends and family and trying to protect those still alive. Pray for relief teams as they offer some amount of relief during this time of sorrow and suffering.

*Name changed

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