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Gardening gives Rafael hope for the future

Baling hay didn’t provide enough work for Rafael and his family.

The husband and father of four could only find seasonal employment, and it was not enough for the family to survive in a small Mexican village. Rafael’s marriage began to fall apart.

Then, his family recently became involved with the revival of a greenhouse, which Baptist Global Response partners established in the area to help boost the local economy. Rafael started working. He covered the greenhouse in plastic, plowed, performed general maintenance and planted. Although the project has seen plenty of problems in the past few years, Rafael has still been able to garner stable income cultivating produce such as tomatoes. His wife has been grateful.

Not only have his working conditions improved since he stopped baling hay but his finances have, as well. He can now afford to upgrade his home. His sister said he also hopes, eventually, to open up a “Salon de Fiesta,” or a small yard used for hosting children’s parties.

Rafael now has dreams of owning his own business.

Donors and prayer partners like you make it possible for people dream again.  Please pray for Rafael and his family to thrive and reach their future goals.

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