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Driven from their homeland because they are Christian

Associated Project: Syria Crisis

As civil war rages in Syria, Christians often get caught in the violence—attackers destroy their homes or kill their loved ones. Many choose to flee Syria and endure hardship as refugees in neighboring countries.

Since early 2011, more than 2 million registered refugees have fled Syria’s civil war, according to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Mehmud* was a pharmacist before he left the country in December 2012. The situation was horrible. Syrian Christians were targeted for assault, rape, and theft. His cousin was kidnapped and held for 21 days -- released only after paying a massive ransom. 

Syriac Christians -- members of the ancient Assyrian Church -- are singled out for persecution because rebels assume they support Syrian President Bashal al-Assad.

Another Syriac Christian, Mehmet*, once owned a construction company, but he said rebels began to attack villages simply because the residents followed Jesus. After the violence grew too great, he moved his family across the border.

Many other Syrian Christians like Mehmud and Mehmet have found refuge in a Syriac community in a neighboring country. A Syriac pastor said many are simply gentle souls who yearn for peace in their war-weary homeland.

“Christians are beauty, the light of the world to their country,” the pastor told a journalist. “They don’t take up weapons and preserve the peace.”

In refugee communities, work is almost impossible to come by and education for the children is non-existent. Food is a constant need. BGR and a local partner are providing a monthly food supplement for approximately 35 families for three months. To help stimulate the local economy, a local grocery store is being used to supply the food.

*Names changed

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