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Dental health workshop teaches mother how to heal her son

Associated Project: Health Care Connections

Hasti Nawabi* needed to help her son.

A middle-aged housewife in Central Asia, she took care of several children, including a son in his late teens who suffered from gum infection. A BGR partner said the boy described the pain as heat in his mouth. He lived with this “heat” for a year and a half.

Nawabi and her family lived in a town suburb in which the homes had no plumbing and very little electricity. She had no education and knew very little about dental care—until Baptist Global Response partners brought the Hope Through Healthy Smiles project to her neighborhood.

Through the project, partners conducted dental health classes in elementary schools and then taught the same material to women through community meetings. They instructed participants on brushing their teeth, eating healthy food and gargling with baking soda and saltwater solutions to fight infections.

Nawabi listened to these seminars and then took the information home. She made her son gargle with the solution and brush his teeth daily, which eventually healed his mouth.

She also brought home new ideas about nutrition and limiting sugar. Culturally, people in that part of Central Asia gave their children plenty of sugar for breakfast, believing it would give them energy for school and not realizing the affects it had on their bodies. Because Nawabi attended the Hope Through Healthy Smiles meeting, she learned to give her children healthier food, improving not only their dental health but their general health, as well.

If you would like to help BGR change more lives through dental education, please visit our donation page and give to projects like Hope Through Healthy Smiles.

*Name changed

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