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BGR aiding survivors of wildfire in Chile

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BGR partners will soon provide water for survivors of a devastating fire swept through Valparaiso, Chile, April 12, destroying 2,900 houses and taking 15 lives. Approximately 13,500 people were left homeless. Some have been living in shelters or with family members but most have been camping out on the sites of their former homes.

The local Baptist association has focused on one area that has been populated for 40 years, although the residents don’t have titles to their property. The area does have access to electricity, and the city is providing particleboard housing. The local government has also commissioned water trucks to fill tanks, but survivors need a more permanent solution for their water needs. BGR will use Global Hunger Relief funds to replace individual water tanks and towers for more than 100 families whose homes were destroyed in the fire. Pray that rains will hold off until the government can give housing to as many people as possible, and pray the rains will not cause mudslides in an area now stripped of vegetation.

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