Our 5 Most Popular Christmas Catalog Gifts

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Our five most popular Christmas Catalog gifts help transform communities, restore dignity, and empower the world’s most vulnerable to step into the full, meaningful lives they were meant to live. Here’s why each one is making its own unique difference in the world:

1. Water Wells

It’s hard to overstate the importance of clean water in impoverished communities, both rural and urban. Children miss school because they have to fetch water one bucket a time from sources that are dangerous and unfiltered. Parents struggle to stay healthy enough to work after contracting diseases from contaminated water. The lack of clean water sources truly takes its toll on the entire family unit, and that’s why the gift of a water well is so vital to a community’s health. Your provision of fresh water will transform many families’ lives who are struggling to survive!

2. Buy the Farm

Seed starter kits, husbandry training, and livestock – this is what you provide when you buy the farm for a family dependent on agriculture. The gift of a new livelihood is the gift of a new chance at life. You are equipping a family to break the cycles of generational poverty and giving them a sustainable source of income and job skills.

3. Water Filters

Ceramic water filters are a great way to care for families in need of clean water who may not live near a reliable water source or have the means to travel to a community well. A single one of these highly efficient filters can give a family of 5-6 people safe, sanitary drinking water for an entire year!

4. 10 Chickens

Why did 10 chickens cross the road? Because you provided a family in need with their new source of food and income! Purchasing chickens through the Gift Catalog gives a family meat, eggs, and the potential for a poultry business. Sustainable, reliable, and cute – it’s hard to go wrong with this gift!

5. Goats

If you participated in GoatFundMe this year, you know how much impact one goat can have in an agricultural community. Goats provide a consistent source of food, milk, and fertilizer and are able to survive in extreme conditions with relatively low maintenance. Gifting a family a goat puts the power to earn a living back in their hands!


The Christmas season is quickly approaching and, if you’re anything like us, gift shopping sneaks up on you at the last minute. We want to give you plenty of time to pick out your favorite projects and change lives, one stocking stuffer at a time! So whether it’s one of these five or a different gift, get started today!

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