Mhasin Tells Her Hunger Story

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(For the privacy and dignity of the individual, this photo does not show the person mentioned in the story.)


This year, friends like you felt compassion for people like Mhasin. Her country is currently suffering from a famine, and she no ability to earn income to care for her family. The monthly food packets you helped send through Global Hunger Relief not only fed Mhasin and her husband but they gave her the chance to feed her children, as well. That’s a luxury she rarely gets. This is her story …

What causes your lack of food?

“What caused me not to have enough food is my disability. I am crippled on one side of my leg and thigh. I cannot work, but when I bore children, my father was the one who took care of them. But then, my father died. We are living in different home now … with my disabled husband, also. My children are now with my father’s relative because my husband and I cannot afford to raise them.”

Who else in your family will benefit from BGR’s food distribution?

“We all benefit from the food—myself, my husband and the children. I will send a share of the food to my children [at my relative’s home]. This year is very bad for all people here. We are almost starved. We eat the leaves of wild trees.

“We will taste good food today from the food you have just distributed to us. I will also give some food to the relative who is taking care of our children. … I am very happy with the assistance you have provided us. I thank the almighty God for this provision of relief food.”

Is there anything else you want to say?

“I am very excited today about your food distribution because nobody has given us food. … We can’t work or buy food in the market. I thank you, and I also thank God and ask Him to let you do more distributions for disabled people like me and my husband.”