Medical Program Saves Young Diabetic

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Subhas weighed 49 pounds when a medical worker from the Bangalore Baptist Hospital visited his home.  

The 26-year-old diabetic lived in a remote area, among dusty roads and villages, and didn’t have ready access to insulin. Eventually, his supply ran out, and his body shut down. Subhas laid in bed and grew gaunter by the day. His mother watched, horrified as the bones slowly started to protrude under his skin. Her heart ached with the knowledge that she could do nothing for her son.  

Your gifts helped fund Bangalore Baptist Hospital’s Community Health Division, which sent a medical worker 20 kilometers outside the city to visit Subhas. He examined the young man and restocked his insulin. Then, another health worker kept checking on Subhas, following his progress. And, thank the Lord, Subhas has improved! His sugar levels are no longer alarming, and he has gained weight. He’s not the emaciated man the worker first met.  

Subhas’s mother is overjoyed.

“I had lost hope of his survival, but you have saved my son,” she says. “You gave my son a second life.”

Now, she and two sisters watch Subhas carefully, making sure he takes care of his fragile body. Although the young man is walking again, he still has a long road to recovery.  

Think about other sick and dying people all over the world who face the same struggles. They don’t have the money for medicine or they live too far from civilization to get it. They simply waste away while their loved ones care for them as best they can.

But friends like you are sending help to so many people like Subhas around the world! Pray for this young man as he recuperates and pray for others who have little to no health care access.  

Pray the Body of Christ will step up and meet their needs.


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