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Man Reconciles Marriage After Addiction Camp

addiction marriage

Each morning, Naveen loads a bicycle with his finest selection of artificial jewelry—glinting gold and silver, and colorful gemstones that catch the eyes of shoppers in the village markets. He’s a purveyor of beauty.

He rifles through his collection to find the best, most pristine pair of bangles for his wife, Kalpana, and tenderly places them on her wrists.

Kalpana has prayed for a gentle touch from her husband for a long time. In that moment, it’s difficult to imagine their marriage was once tarnished by Naveen’s alcohol addiction. It’s difficult to imagine the abuse, the neglect, the loneliness.

Naveen’s addiction ravaged their family.

Yet, Kalpana shared that experience with so many other families in her village. Night after night, the screams of crying children and women being beaten by their inebriated husbands cleaved the air. Kalpana joined in that chorus of suffering, enduring almost nightly beatings as their two sons cowered in fear.

“The hardship and humiliation I endured for the many years for the sake of my children is known only to me and God,” Kalpana said. “There’s not a temple that I did not visit or a God that I did not pray to, for my husband.”

Finally, Naveen took a step toward sobriety.

Friends like you are helping break the grip of alcoholism by supporting addiction camps like the one in which Naveen participated.

A persistent addiction team persuaded Naveen to attend the 10-day camp for the sake of his family. There, he received guidance toward sobriety from peer educators who struggled with addiction themselves. He made progress.

Then, a crushing setback: relapse. But hope returned for Naveen when he participated in the camp a second time.

Naveen’s supporters went into overdrive. He received medical treatment coupled with counseling from peers and volunteers from Alcoholics Anonymous. After the camp, he received six months of intensive follow-up visits to shield him from relapse. A pastor shared God’s message of love with the family.

Kalpana stayed by Naveen’s side, encouraging and praying for her husband. Praying he would emerge a new man.  

Praise God! Naveen and Kalpana’s marriage is mending.

With all that support, Naveen has managed to stave off another relapse. Kalpana can’t contain her joy from an answered prayer. The income from Naveen’s jewelry business and a small farming plot helped him purchase a better bike and make renovations to the house. Now, he’s focusing on making repairs to his family.

“I feel the agony and shame that I inflicted on my family,” Naveen reminisced. “Now I am working hard to regain the happiness and peace that I had lost.”

Naveen and Kalpana’s family has a chance for redemption, in part, because you felt led to give. Continue to pray for Naveen, as staying sober will be a daily battle. Pray for Kalpana as she searches for forgiveness. Pray for other families [1] still needing healing from addiction.