Road Repairs Rescue Landlocked Villagers

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It’s easy to hear about a massive natural disaster like an earthquake or hurricane and feel moved to action. And friends like you have brought comfort, safety, and life-saving food and water to thousands of people reeling from those disasters.

But not all disasters make international headlines. Some disasters happen quietly, wreaking havoc on small villages and communities every day. And you have helped BGR bring God’s love to those communities in their time of need too.

A disaster threatened one village’s entire livelihood.

In one village of Central Asia, October is time for the potato harvest.

The potato crop is everything—it’s the villagers’ primary source of income. Residents pile into trucks and travel up and down steep mountain roads to reach their potato fields.

One day, a truck filled with twelve people was bouncing along the dirt road when the earth suddenly gave way. The road collapsed under the weight of the truck, sending it careening into the river below. Seven of those twelve people tragically died in the accident, including five children from one family.

The village mourned for the lives lost. More than that, they worried the tragedy would continue. That road was the only access to the potato fields. Without it, they couldn’t harvest their potato crop and sell it at markets. No potatoes meant no money for the village, and winter was looming. The entire village could starve and freeze.  

But you helped repair the road . . .

BGR partners working in the area were able to help this village in crisis by quickly bringing supplies and manpower to repair the road. Instead of leveling the road with loose dirt and rocks as before, the team poured concrete strengthened by beams of rebar, strong enough to hold the weight of any vehicle.

The team also widened the road by carving into the hillside, creating enough space for any vehicle to pass safely. Through your gifts, a tragedy like this one should never happen in this community again. The best part? Repairs to the road were completed . . .

. . . just in time for the potato harvest!

Fixing the road saved this village. That’s the impact your donations can have. Please donate to other disaster response efforts and pray for those affected by disasters both large and small.