Lunch Program Gives Students Healthy Meal Every School Day

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On some days at school, Kuol helps find wood for the big firewood pile the cooks use to prepare food. The older boys shoulder large, heavy loads. Kuol can only carry small sticks, but he loves contributing to his favorite part of the day—lunch!

When Kuol arrives at school, he’s already looking forward to the big meal of the day: a delicious serving of beans topping a hot and steamy mound of cornmeal or rice. His mouth is already watering.

This will likely be Kuol’s only meal for the day. In his village, food isn’t always reliable. The region is in a constant state of conflict. With funds channeled into keeping the peace, there is often very little remaining to address suffering villages.

Nature isn’t always kind, either. Months of famine give way to a brutal rainy season that can obliterate already meager harvests under flood waters. This year was especially tough.

Kuol doesn’t have to worry about any of that because you supported the lunch program at his school. You purchased the food and paid the cooks who prepare it, so students like Kuol can have a healthy meal every day of the school year.

Kuol goes home every school night full and happy. In fact, many of Kuol’s classmates are alive and healthy because of the school lunches you provided. Kuol has the freedom to grow and learn without worrying about his next meal. One day, he hopes to be big enough to play soccer with the older kids.

Like Kuol’s small sticks of firewood, your donations, no matter the size, are a massive contribution to fighting food insecurity. In the BGR Gift Catalog, a gift of $3.50 can feed a hungry child like Kuol for an entire week. Help give more children the comfort of a full stomach.


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