Love in a New Land: A Refugee Love Story

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Millions of refugees around the world have fled their homes, looking for safety and stability. They’re looking for peaceful places to raise their families.

Rarely are they looking for love.

But, that’s what Imani found after persecution forced him from his home. He was both an ethnic minority and a Christian, and his community grew increasingly hostile to his presence. Eventually, he felt scared enough to flee the country alone. First, he traveled to a nearby nation, and then, he journeyed to a country in the developed world.

Imani left everything and everyone he knew to settle in a place where he could live and follow Jesus in peace. And, that’s where he found Ida.

She was a broken woman when they met. Ida had experienced two failed marriages—the first of which began when she was 12. She had two grown children and two young daughters still at home. Her life had been full of hardship and disappointment, and she had immigrated to this new country with her family, hoping for a new start.

Imani wanted her to have it—with him. The two met and fell in love, creating a new life together after leaving painful circumstances behind.

On their wedding day, Imani dressed in a blue suit and a black tie. Ida looked radiant in a simple, off-the-shoulder, white dress that showed off a series of cultural henna designs swirling down her forearms.

They joined hands, and a BGR partner married the two before their friends and family in a community center your generosity helped build.

This building had become a place where refugees and immigrants like them could gather for church and attend programs and seminars designed to improve their lives. They had made friends in that building, and Ida had met people under that roof who showed her God’s love. She had never experienced it before.

The center was like a second home to the couple and to so many people in the immigrant and refugee communities. That’s why it was the perfect place for them to marry.

Thank you for creating a safe place where these two people—who had experienced enormous pain and hardship—could join their lives in front of their brothers and sisters in Christ. You helped give them a dream wedding.

This Valentine’s Day, make a gift in honor of someone you adore and, perhaps, you’ll provide another happy ending for a sweet couple like Imani and Ida. Maybe the food packet you donate will feed a pair of newlyweds. Or, maybe a young woman will meet her future husband as he offers her water from a filter you gave.

You never know the stories God will write with your help. Give today, and find out what He can do through your generosity.