Hurricane Dorian Update: The Power of the Local Church

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In partnership with BGR and Southern Baptist Disaster Relief teams, Bahamian Baptists are continuing to do valuable work on the main islands following Hurricane Dorian. Local Baptist churches have been taking turns cooking up to 1800 meals per week for shelters, and many families have taken in strangers to try to ease the burdens of their neighbors.

Children in the Bahamas have been greatly affected by witnessing such mass destruction and death. A center has been set up to support these children and their families as they process trauma and figure out practical next steps towards healing. The President of the Bahamas National Baptist Women’s Convention, who helped establish the center, commented on the state of Bahamian youth:

“The children are just now beginning to talk. They still need help… They are so behind in their studies. It is so sad to hear the stories…They have no transportation and no money. Each day we start with prayer. This shelter has had no problems with fights or problems like the other shelters. It is because we pray with them and love them. They have become our family. This shelter is being used as an example for the other shelters. We have church every Sunday here at 8 AM.”

Churches are trying to facilitate transportation for those who need the services provided at the center, as child psychologists are offering therapy, hygiene kits, diapers, and female hygiene items to those in need.

Please be in prayer for these churches and their leaders as they care for so many hurting Hurricane Dorian survivors.