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Four stories of goodwill and generosity to brighten the shadow of pandemic

The Coronavirus has gripped the globe in a pandemic of illness, but also one of fear and uncertainty. With new cases and fatalities being reported daily around the world, it’s far too easy to allow despair and discouragement to hallmark this moment in history. But there is reason to have hope amid this darkness. God’s love is at work through the actions of those who love Him around the world. Below are four stories of selflessness and encouragement to brighten and lighten these heavy days. 

They know them by their love

The initial epicenter of COVID-19, Asia first experienced the impact of this disease upon those who contract it and those impacted by the fallout. Across the continent, BGR and local partners have been diligently serving those in need, primarily through local churches. Over 250,000 people have received food supplements or sanitation/hygiene items. The outpouring has not gone unnoticed, nor has the spirit in which it has been carried out. Multiple church leaders have heard non-believers ask, “Why are you Christians caring so much?”

Ripple effect

In another hard-hit area of the globe, food is a scarce commodity. Working through a local church network, BGR and its partners are providing food parcels to 20 families. In turn, these families have each committed to reach out and help ten other families and neighbors over the next few months. All told, over 800 people will benefit from these acts of goodwill!

Unseen, but not forgotten

The impact of COVID-19 can’t be overstated. It changes the lives of even those who have not contracted the illness. In the Americas, marginalized under-reached indigenous groups, be they in remote areas or urban slums, face life-threatening situations when labor and income dissipate. One BGR partner is reaching out to these at-risk individuals by providing food packets to alleviate at least one problem. 

Hope on the streets

Entire industries have shuttered around the world. Those who work the streets, as street vendors or others, have also lost their business. Yet there is a small church reaching out to these people who often occupy the fringe of society, with food packets and hygiene kits. More than the items, these men and women are receiving the message that they are not invisible, they are not less-than, and they are not forgotten.

Please continue to pray for our partners and local churches as they minister to the people around them. Thank you for showing the love of Christ to people in need!