Training Programs Transform Lives

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The impact of education is impossible to overstate or ignore. At every age, our brains allow us to process new information which can improve our lives. At age 54, Lualhati is living proof that one is never too old to learn, to grow, and to enrich their life experience.

Lualhati is one of over 200 people in her community who has gained new skills through practical training programs you helped to provide. The programs vary, but this particular track focused on the production of cleaning/bath products. From stain remover and dishwashing liquid to powder soap and liniment oil, the program participants leave with a strong sense of purpose and clarity.

Today, this farmer, secretary, wife, and mother now has the knowledge and capacity to make new and different items to sell. From stain remover and dishwashing liquid to the peanut rolls she makes with her daughter to sell at the local high school, Lualhati has opened up an entirely new stream of revenue for herself and her family.

Her story would be remarkable enough if it ended there. But there’s more! A graduate of the training program you helped support, she is now a manager of that same program in her community. She is giving to others the gifts and skills you gave to her.

Across her community, this training not only teaches how to manufacture cleaning products; it teaches new agricultural techniques, basic healthcare, nutrition and food processing, and spiritual values. Each time a new skill is learned, a new hope is sprung. Each new lesson is an opportunity for a new life. Each gift you give to support training like this has eternal significance.

Thank you for being the difference for Lualhati and her community. Continue to pray for her and her family and friends, and continue giving so that she may continue to challenge herself while helping others become the best versions of themselves for their families, their communities, and for God.