12 Last-Minute Christmas Gifts

So, Christmas is a few days away and you’re still looking for the perfect gift. BGR’s Gift Catalog [1] has you covered! Give a gift in honor of a loved one this Christmas.

Here are 12 last-minute Christmas gifts you can purchase right now — in 10 minutes or less!

12 last-minute Christmas gifts you can purchase right now -- in 10 minutes or less! [2]Click To Tweet [2]

For Mom  

A sewing kit [3]

Few things instill more dignity than the ability to provide for your family.
For $70, you can help a woman earn income with her very own sewing kit.

A cooking set [4]

Cooking supplies are some of the first requests a family makes after losing everything in a disaster.
For $25, you can supply a cooking set to parents and children who are in the process of rebuilding their lives.

Childbirth classes [5]

Childbirth can be dangerous for mothers and babies in developing countries.
For $50, you can provide a pregnant woman with access to childbirth classes.


For Dad

10 fish [6]

You might have memories of fishing with your dad. Fish give families nutrition and income—plus they reproduce rapidly and are inexpensive to keep.
For just $3, you can provide 10 fish and agricultural training to men and women in need.

A new home [7]

Disasters destroy countless homes every year. If your dad is handy, give a new home in his honor.
For $2000, you can build a new home for a family recovering from an earthquake, hurricane, fire, or flood.

A goat [8]

Animals such as goats give men opportunities to earn an income for their families.
For $75, you can provide one goat and training.


For the College Student

A food packet [9]

College students love a home cooked meal, and so do refugee families.
For $50, you can provide one food packet to a family escaping disasters or conflict.

Medical care for trafficking victims [10]

Many children have serious health care needs after they are rescued from human trafficking.
For $25, you can supply one month of medical treatment for a trafficking survivor.

Job skills training [11]

Your favorite college student is learning job skills each day. Job skills allow men and women in poverty to provide for their families.
For $400, you can help give one person job skills training and equipment.


For the Kids

A pair of rabbits [12]

Rabbits are not only cute, they are also low-cost sources of income and nutrition for families.
For $25, you can provide a pair of rabbits and agricultural training.

A water filter [13]

Contaminated water can make adults and children sick and unable to work or go to school.
For $25, you can supply clean water for a whole family.

Feed a hungry child for a week [14]

When children are well-fed, they are healthier and can concentrate better in school.
For just $3.50, you can give a child comfort and security with a week of meals.

Find these gifts and more in the BGR Gift Catalog! [1]