Village Gets Clean Water After Years of Waiting

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“Speak to that rock before their eyes and it will pour out its water. You will bring water out of the rock for the community so they and their livestock can drink.”

—Numbers 20:8

God has proven his faithfulness time and time again, even when hope seems impossible. Friends like you have been faithful to the weary and worried too, and God has used your relentless love to make astonishing things happen.


If you looked around one community in Africa, you’d see the earth dotted with dry, empty holes. They’re daily reminders of years and years of attempts to find clean water, and years and years of failure.

The people in this village had been crying out for water. Women, girls, and small children had to walk miles to the nearest water source. Along the way, girls were often assaulted by men lying in wait and women were robbed. With no other option, they swallowed their fear—just for a swallow of water.  

Still, the rocky ground made it almost impossible to drill and find water. Many had tried. But with your help, the community tried again. One. More. Time.

A BGR team partnered with local Baptist leaders and village chiefs to identify places to drill. With prayers, they started to dig. After dozens of feet—nothing. The team moved the rig and tried again. Still nothing. This was starting to look like just another failed attempt.

But the team refused to call it quits. They weren’t leaving until water was found. The next three holes still had no luck.


Finally, on the sixth try, God’s faithfulness was proven yet again! Water poured from the ground. Not far away, another well was successful. This community now had two sources of clean water! They never had to fear that treacherous walk again.

The well-digging team wouldn’t give up.

The Baptist leaders in the village didn’t give up.

God doesn’t give up.

We don’t want you to give up on caring for people, but we do need people like you to give. You play such an important role in carrying God’s love and mercy to people who have been waiting for a miracle. Donate to the Well Dig Dare and help bring another well to a community in need.