Concerns Rise for Island Communities

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Many Abaco evacuees are seeking refuge in faith communities that are providing comfort and support to their fellow Bahamians after Hurricane Dorian. Outside emergency response teams are helping search for lost community members and caring for the pastors who have undergone severe trauma, as many lives have been unexpectedly lost over the past week.

The aftershocks and subsequent emergencies in the wake of Hurricane Dorian have been no less impactful than the storm itself.

In describing his personal interaction with the disaster, one Baptist pastor—John Mark—said, “Three days after the hurricane, I was outside and heard an awful noise. I ran into my house and yelled to my [mother] to get into the house [because] something is coming!”

A tornado bore down on his house and the wreckage that response teams were helping to clear was actually from the resulting cyclone, not the initial hurricane.

Additionally, Pastor John Mark shared that electricity and water services in the area have still not resumed, and it is estimated that it may be many weeks before the general population’s access to either is returned.

Although Bahamians are concerned that generators will not last through the outage and that the closure of Disney Island will impact the long-term economy of the islands, BGR partners report being greeted by the survivors with this salutation: “We are doing well – thanks be to God!”