Hurricane Dorian Disaster Relief Update

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September 4 Update

Hurricane Dorian left a wake of devastating destruction in the Bahamas; it is the second strongest Atlantic hurricane recorded and the most destructive to have ever hit the Bahamas. The slow-moving torrential rains and severe windstorms did a significant amount of damage and left many evacuation vehicles grounded. With the limited information available, it is safe to assume that the short-term needs of Bahamians will involve water, shelter, and hygiene.

BGR is sending a team to assess the situation and evaluate the needs of the most affected areas. Funds have already been committed to the relief efforts in place. As we receive word of more immediate needs, BGR will determine how to best help these communities recover from the overwhelming losses they have sustained over this past week.

As we remain in communication with our partners in the field, BGR is committed to providing assistance to as many Bahamians as possible, in the most effective ways deemed sustainable.

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