Hunger’s Effect

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(For the privacy and dignity of the individual, this photo does not show the person mentioned in the story.)

“I have a noticed a huge difference in my body. I have energy now and am able to do home chores without being in pain. I used to have sleepless nights because of an empty stomach, but now, I sleep like a baby!” –Pat, food parcel recipient

The thing about hunger is it affects every part of your life. It affects your health, your sleep and your job. It can even affect whether or not your family stays together. After Pat’s husband died, life became harsh. She was too sick to work, so the food on her shelves dwindled. She also couldn’t take her medication on an empty stomach, and her health deteriorated even more. On top of all this pain, Pat kissed her three children goodbye. Without means to feed them, this impoverished woman had to send her family to live with her mother, 50 kilometers away.

After that, Pat waited to die.

The other thing about hunger is that you can help. Friends like you are currently sending Pat monthly food parcels, which have helped restore her energy and health. Color has slowly returned to her cheeks and her life. She’s even thinking about expanding her chicken business. This Global Hunger Sunday, restore more lives. Send a food parcel to a family that has been fractured by hunger.


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