UPDATE: Bahamas Initial Assessment

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After many days of anticipation following Hurricane Dorian, initial meetings with the Bahama Baptist Convention were held on Saturday afternoon. BGR was designated as the lead response organization in this disaster and will work under the direction and guidance of the Bahamian Convention.

On September 8, an initial assessment of the islands’ needs in the wake of Dorian’s aftermath will be conducted by convention staff and BGR area directors. Following this preliminary appraisal, a more in-depth evaluation will be conducted by the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief network in partnership with the Bahama Baptist Convention and BGR.

The assessment will be managed according to the Sphere Project handbook, which the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief and BGR teams are trained in. The Sphere method abides by internationally recognized standards for disaster response in humanitarian crises and provides a clear framework for the assessors to build on.

In the coordination meeting with the Bahama Convention, BGR was informed of specific immediate needs including blankets, water, sanitation, and hygiene kits – that will be met as soon as possible. Individuals and churches who want to be directly involved in this response should contribute financially to the efforts by calling 1-866-355-7233 or giving online below.

However, prayer is also important when managing a disaster of this caliber. If you are interested in becoming a part of our prayer network, sign up at gobgr.org/prayerconnection.

We are so grateful to be collaborating with a group of dedicated people willing to meet practical needs in this time of crisis.

Will you join us in caring for the Bahamas? We hope so!