Help at the First Cry

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(For the privacy and dignity of the individual, this photo does not show the person mentioned in the story.)

Sanam was 15 years old, in labor, and scared. She was having her first child, and her home birth wasn’t going well.

“My family didn’t have money to take me to a city hospital. I was very worried and didn’t know what to do.”

You knew what to do. You donated to a clinic that could help Sanam when she needed it. Not only was her son born without complication, but he also received vaccinations to protect him. Staff encouraged her to return for follow-up care. They also charged her far less than a hospital.

Sanam may be young, but now she has a plan for her family.   

Your donations reassure young mothers like Sanam that they have a helping hand during child birth. Give today so that other clinics can be beacons of hope for families in crisis.  


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