Helen shares about abuse, prison, and hope

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The story you’re about to read discusses child marriage, abuse, and drug addiction. Please proceed with caution.

Life is unimaginably hard for women around the world. They are abused, discarded, and unjustly imprisoned. But, your dollars are making a difference for so many—like Helen. Thanks to you, she has experienced God’s love behind bars and has found hope through a BGR-supported job skills program. She shares her story below …

“My name is Helen, and I was born into a very poor family in my country’s capital city. Because my father was ill, my four brothers and I were not able to attend school. For financial reasons, I had to marry a thirty-year-old man when I was only ten years old.

Our marriage was not very good. We moved out of the country, and I was emotionally and physically abused. I had two children when he left me to return to our home country without me. I was all alone with my children.

A neighbor convinced me that I needed to return to my home country, so I moved to a new city where my uncle lived. Believe it or not, my uncle, who had gambling problems, was worse than my husband. So, I fled his home and sought help from my husband’s father, and he took care of me for several years. Eventually, after eight years, my husband returned as a drug addict, and I nursed him until I had to flee to my neighbor’s house because things got so bad.

Because I fled our home, my husband reported me to the police, and I faced charges of desertion. My husband kept my six-year-old daughter, and I was put in jail. I was heartbroken. I had lost all hope until I heard of a class in the prison where teachers cared for their students and offered them hope by training them in a professional skill. I have begun a sewing class, and I am determined to work very hard. I now believe that when I am eventually released from prison, my life will be better and I can provide for my children.

Thank you so much for giving me hope.”

Please pray for Helen, and for other imprisoned women, as she prepares for that one, wonderful day when she will be set free.