3 Hearts Transformed At A Shelter

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We couldn’t be happier to have the global friendships and partnerships that we do! BGR has been truly blessed to collaborate with organizations that care about dignifying the individual, protecting all human rights, and prioritizing marginalized people groups’ physical, spiritual, and emotional health. 

Naivasha Children’s Shelter is one of many partners that we are proud to support. 

Located in sub-Saharan African, the shelter was able to rescue nearly 40 boys from their dangerous lives on the streets in this past year alone. Another 40 families were also trained in parenting skills and childcare, and their children were given an education, along with special carpentry classes. Most exciting of all, 15 lost boys were able to reunite with their families! 

All in all, nearly 300 people’s lives were transformed because of your generosity this year! 

Three boys’ stories in particular moved us to reflect on their astounding resilience:

  1. Bryann had an argument with his mother that led to the impulsive decision to run away. For many children in sub-Saharan Africa, that simple choice can often lead to malnutrition, exploitation, and even death – but thankfully that isn’t Bryann’s story!
  2. Samson fled his home in fear and was barely surviving the brutality of street life when social workers from Naivasha Children’s Shelter found him. With help, Samson eventually worked his way up from being a desperate thief to an educated apprentice!
  3. So much societal pressure is packed into the phrase “man of the house,” and Joseph felt every ounce of it. After three exhausting years spent trying to make a life for himself, Joseph was able to experience a tearful and joyous reunion with his family of origin! 

These boys had to fight for every foot of ground gained in their journeys, and their current success is well-deserved. We are so grateful to have the opportunity to serve these children and help them grow into men of character!