Guatemala Volcano Update: Thank You!

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Thank you for your partnership in responding to the Vulcan del Fuego crisis in Guatemala! Your kind, generous donations have provided and are continuing to provide the feeding of over 300 people and help with over 60 being sheltered in a local Baptist church.

Thank you also for your prayers. The volcano has settled down (for now) and life is returning somewhat to normal for those affected. Please continue to pray for those who are still displaced, many who are anxiously trying to find out what happened to their missing loved ones. A little over 100 bodies have been recovered and identified but there are still 197 officially listed as missing. Many bodies will probably never be recovered being buried under tons of rock and ash.

As this response is winding down, we still ask for your prayers and support, namely:

  • Continue to pray for Pastor Rene and his church as they continue to lead out in the response to those affected. They have been amazing in their efforts and have provided shelter, food, clothing, and other needed items to hundreds of evacuees. They have also ministered to those grieving and demonstrated as well as shared the love of God.
  • Also, continue to pray for the families who are still missing loved ones. Pray that God would comfort them in their loss and that the Prince of Peace would rule in their hearts.
  • Pray for our BGR Area Directors as they help to wind down the response efforts in a way that helps facilitate people to return to their lives, continue to empower the local church, and give glory to God.


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