From Street Corners to Safety

Human Trafficking | Print

“Before I came to this center, I was hungry all the time and sad because my boyfriend controlled my life and sold me. I had no place to sleep, and I was lucky to eat once a day. Look at me now! I’m healthy, I have a family that loves me and I can get a job when I leave.” –Sarah

Sarah sobbed after police officers took her to an aftercare home donors like you helped fund. They had picked her up for prostitution and sleeping on public transportation. Her boyfriend had been trafficking her and her sister for food money. At the home, she received regular meals and a warm bed, and she learned to sew. At first, she felt traumatized by her situation and new surroundings, but she found comfort knowing that she could send the money she earned by sewing to her family. Dry another girl’s tears and give her a chance for a new life.


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