Friends Like You Helped Bless a Clinic with a Restroom

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Cleanliness is one of the primary characteristics of a hospital or clinic in the developed world. Everything is wiped down and sanitized. You can smell the chemicals when you walk through the door.

But that’s not the case in some of the earth’s poorer areas. Doctors and nurses try to keep their facilities clean for patients, but they have limited resources.

Until recently, Yao’s clinic didn’t even have a toilet. Patients had to duck behind a banana tree and then return to the small building for their treatment. And, such low sanitation increased the risk of spreading diseases.

Yao lives in a poor village situated on the side of a mountain. Small, cement huts cling to the incline, right next to terraces where most of the village’s families plant their crops. The community is a two-and-a-half hour’s ride from the nearest town, and Yoa is the only “doctor” nearby.

This man has basic health training and treats mostly colds and infections and conducts minor first aid. People walk miles to visit the clinic built next to his home. Or if necessary, they call him, and he hops on his motorcycle, traveling through winding roads to treat their ailments.

God has given Yao a tender heart, and he cares for people as much as he can. And so, your gifts have helped him do a better job by keeping his clinic sanitary and protecting his patients from further illness.

In fact, your donations have helped bless 29 other families in Yao’s region with toilets, as well. Lack of sanitation is a major issue in his area, and many people either live without latrines or use open-pit toilets that become breeding grounds for flies. Diarrhea runs rampant in rural villages because of these conditions. The toilets you have helped fund are not only hygienic but they also have attachable showers to help locals keep their entire bodies clean.

Thanks to your compassion, these villagers and others around the world can live with greater dignity. If you can, please give again today to help put toilets in more villages so others can experience that satisfaction.


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