Food packets save stroke victim’s family

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(For the privacy and dignity of the individual, this photo does not show the person mentioned in the story.)

Hunger doesn’t always happen as a result of famine or economic crisis. Sometimes, a simple season of bad luck can plunge a village into great need.

For many people like Iwan, an illness or a bad weather pattern can be a catalyst for malnutrition. But, God cares about the vulnerable and the hungry in this world, and every blessing we share honors Him.

So not long ago, compassionate Christians like you helped care for Iwan’s entire community after floods devastated the area.

Iwan and other locals made their income from fishing, but they got most of their food from nearby fields. Once a year, the ocean waves grew too large for boats to safely navigate, so villagers had to rely on their crops for sustenance. But, after floods ruined their food supply, life became desperate. They couldn’t fish OR farm.  Your gifts helped give local families food packets full of rice, cooking oil, sugar, tea, and soap to help them through the disaster.

Without that assistance, the farmers would have watched the food in their homes slowly disappear, along with their hopes. They would have watched their children grow hungrier and hungrier.

But, your God-given love for the poor saved them from that fate. And, Iwan felt especially relieved to receive the blessing. This 55-year-old man lived with his wife and school-aged daughter in a simple house by the ocean. He fished for a living, like the other men in his village, and he also owned a small convenience store.

But, the waves, when they came, affected more than Iwan’s ability to fish. They affected his ability to function. He had boarded a ship to try and brave the angry seas, but the exaggerated motion threw him off balance. Iwan fell and suffered a stroke.

He had been out of work for a month when his family received the food packet from BGR, and Iwan felt a crushing burden lift off his shoulders.

Please pray not only for the families who live at the edge of hunger but also for fathers who are too sick to care for their loved ones. They feel burdened by the need to provide and heartbroken by their inability to do so. Ask God to fill their homes with food and their hearts with comfort.