Field of Hope

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Anyone who has ever suffered from a mental health problem knows that it’s difficult to explain to others and even to ourselves.

Roquia has struggled with various psychological issues for several years throughout her young life. Thanks to your generosity, though, she is beginning to turn over a new page in a new chapter in life.

Raised in a culture in which abuse is common, Roquia  has witnessed things no one, let alone a child, should ever see. As she struggled to process the world around her, the trauma began to take its toll, sending her in a downward spiral of depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts.

In the midst of her darkness, however, she was able to make her way to a soccer field through a soccer course your gifts helped create.

There, for the first time in her life, Roquia began to feel a sense of camaraderie. Despite a lifetime of feeling alone, there, she was part of something bigger than herself. Through that soccer program and that soccer team, she finally found a place to belong.

Today, Roquia is a work in progress, but she has taken monumental leaps out of the abyss of depression and anxiety. The exercise in which she is engaging has not only built up her physical strength and stamina; it has become the physical and mental outlet she so desperately needs.

The course has taught her about nutrition and teamwork, but most importantly, the character traits of God.

A lifetime of abuse cannot be undone quickly. One course will not erase the scars of a painful past. Roquia knows this as well as anyone. But she also now knows of a love that washes away the mess our histories create.

Those who struggle with depression and anxiety take on a very real, visceral battle everyday, often in silence. As Roquia can now attest, though, these things do not have to define us. These things do not get to limit us. Since she joined the program, she has not made another attempt to end her life. Her past is not her present, nor is it her future.  

When we, like Roquia, choose to walk hand-in-hand with a limitless God on a soccer field, in a classroom or at home, we are no longer alone, but part of a team. Join our team today. Pray for Roquia and other girls just like her and give to BGR so that even more lives get more chances.