Family rebuilds home after earthquake forces them into shipping container

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Home sweet home.

It’s a phrase that adorns many a doormat because coming home is a good feeling. The next time you step on your own doormat, praise God that your donations are helping shelter families around the world.

The two-room shelter that Andrei was able to build for his family certainly surpasses the one they were forced to accept after a natural disaster.

When an earthquake rendered their home irreparable, Andrei’s family was faced with a difficult choice. They could wait for the government to relocate them to a town hundreds of miles away—far from relatives, work, or any kind of familiar community. Or, they could make the best of it. Andrei already had a job as a handyman and janitor at a local school. He decided to make the best of it.

He moved his wife and children into an unused shipping container on the hill where their house once stood. The container had been converted into a one-room mobile office space over 30 years ago. It had a door. It had a couple of windows. But, it was far from a home. And the thin metal walls would do little to shield them from the impending winter cold.

Andrei’s family farmed what little they could, but his meager salary was hardly enough to provide for his children.

Friends like you refused to leave Andrei’s family in that container—cramped and cold. That’s why you helped provide lumber, rebar, nails, and tons of cement to his area. Brick by brick, nail by nail, Andrei was able to build his family a more comfortable two-room house with a hallway and a tin roof.

When he walks through the door of his new home after a long day at work, Andrei feels some relief. The house is a more promising start to rebuilding their lives.

Now, Andrei can continue working in the community he knows without fearing that his family will freeze in the winter. He can make the best of this.

It’s enough that you helped Andrei with the resources to build a new home for his family. But, you also gave Andrei the dignity of building that house on his own land, rather than uproot his whole family. That’s a whole other layer of comfort.

The cold of winter is already here. A gift of $500 in the BGR Christmas Gift Catalog will help to build a new home for a family and keep them safe from the cold. If you feel led, give so more parents like Andrei can experience the dignity of protecting their family.