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Carlota came from a large Honduran family. When she became an adult, she received a small piece of farmland from her father. Eventually, the farm couldn’t support her family, and her husband traveled to another country to find work. Carlota stayed behind to tend the farm and to raise their children.

Soon, Carlota joined the Kingdom Growers co-op. Through Kingdom Growers, she gained broader market access and sold her coffee at a fair price. This newfound stability allowed Carlota’s husband to return home.

Now, Carlota owns more land, farms more coffee and partners with Kingdom Growers as a way to help sustain her growing family.

THE SITUATION: Honduras is recognized as the second most impoverished nation in the western hemisphere. Food security, health care, clothing and shelter all rank among urgent needs. The Kingdom Growers initiative strives to meet these needs through long-term economic development within the impoverished communities that promotes coffee farming and market advocacy.

ABOUT KINGDOM GROWERS:  Kingdom Growers partners with farmers and communities and utilizes proven community development methods. Its development efforts continually target socio-economic problems at their root, empowering community members to address issues deemed most critical. This process allows community members to move beyond aid. Instead, the people are empowered by success in trade and business through skill development and experience.

HOW BGR HELPS: BGR provided funds to help Honduran farmers produce and sell more coffee, allowing them to market this coffee to vendors in the U.S.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Go to the Kingdom Growers website, find out more about the co-op and purchase a bag of coffee! You can also donate through this website and partner with us to help people like the Honduran coffee farmers.


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