English Center Helps Woman Find Career

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From the deck of the Royal Caribbean Cruise liner, warm, salty air blows Susi’s hair back. The ship carves through the waters away from Miami. Susi feels her excitement peak—she’s finally at sea!

Susi isn’t on vacation. She’s an employee on this cruise liner, and she never could have gotten this job without the English help she found at the education center you helped fund in her country.

English was the door to Susi’s future.

In many parts of the world, knowing English is a kind of currency. It’s the means to obtaining a good education. It can be the deciding factor on who gets a promotion. It can even be necessary just to complete basic tasks like buying groceries or obtaining medicine.

When you fund English classes and learning centers, you open the doors to possibilities that would otherwise be impossible.

Susi isn’t unfamiliar with the ocean. She lives on an island nation in Southeast Asia. But, growing up, she dreamed about traveling and working abroad. To do that, she knew she would have to master English.

So, Susi registered for college as an English major, but she struggled to find a professor who could teach her beyond an intermediate level. On a cruise liner, grammar and vocabulary wouldn’t be enough—she’d need to hold a conversation in English.

A BGR-supported education center took Susi to the next level.

When Susi came to the education center you funded, she wasted no time utilizing every resource she could. Every week, she pored through the thousands of books on the shelves for anything that would improve her English. She faithfully came to Friday night “chit-chats,” where she could practice having a conversation with a native English speaker.

The center even held cultural exchanges, where members could talk about song lyrics, famous quotes, and turns-of-phrase to help them understand the nuances of language. Susi absorbed it all.

She especially rehearsed phrases common to the hospitality industry—“Can I take your order? Is there anything else I can get for you?”—never losing sight of her dream job. With every repetition, the phrases felt more natural, and Susi grew more confident.

Now, Susi is ocean-bound with a new career.

Susi’s hard work and practice paid off! She nailed the interview and landed the job as a server in one of the dining rooms. Can you picture her jumping up and down when she got the news? She probably called every one of her friends.

Susi clearly did a great job on her first cruise stint because now, she’s out on her second assignment. Through your help, Susi is experiencing something few ever will: the opportunity to chart her own course.

Give to support another person’s new beginning.

It’s easy to forget that people with fewer opportunities still have big dreams. Who will you inspire when you become a BGR Response Partner? Your monthly gifts will send clean water that keeps an avid student from ever missing class from diarrhea again. Or, job training will finally encourage a struggling dad to start a business. The possibilities seem endless—just like the ocean stretching out before Susi.