Empowering the World: Patricia’s Story

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(For the privacy and dignity of the individual, this photo does not show the person mentioned in the story.)

“Let all that you do be done in love.” 1 Corinthians 16:14

Right now, God is working throughout the world, using precious, compassionate people to spread His love. Patricia is one of these people.

And, your generosity is helping her touch lives throughout her area.

This 60-year-old woman lives alone in a simple house built on a small plot of land—and although she is childless, she cares for a village full of people. For years, Patricia worked in her rural community as a teacher, inspiring young boys and girls to reach beyond poverty. Lately, she has headed a local cooperative that harvests seaweed for food production. She’s been a guiding hand in the community for so long that her reputation and high standing have earned her a seat on the community council. 

God has given Patricia a heart so big that she wants to make her village a better place. She wants to help her neighbors—the men and women who grew up in her classroom—feed and clothe their children.

That’s why she helps recruit participants for an agricultural program supported by friends like you. Patricia experienced the program herself and learned to grow a garden on a sloping hill beside her home. It provided fresh vegetables for her table and even produced extra that she could sell at the local market. As the garden grew, neighbors started asking Patricia for help with their own produce.

This kind woman saw a new opportunity to help her community, so she used her position as a council member to set up an agricultural training. She even invited one of the teachers from the BGR-supported program to speak. And, she encouraged nearly a dozen men from her village to go through the full agricultural program so they could help earn more income for their families and teach the skills they learned to other villagers.

Recently, Patricia also participated in BGR community development training so she could learn tools and concepts that would help her area grow.

Your gifts are equipping Patricia to spread to God’s love to every man, woman, and child in her community. Thank you for supporting the beautiful compassion she feels for others. Please pray for this woman and the many other Christians around the world who use your gifts to improve lives in their communities. Ask God to fuel their passion for the hurting—just as He fuels yours.