Disaster Update: Philippines Earthquakes

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Between October 16 and October 31, a series of three earthquakes struck the southern Philippine island of Mindanao. The first, which took place on October 16, had a magnitude of 6.4. Another 6.6 magnitude earthquake struck October 29, followed just two days later by a 6.5 magnitude quake on October 31. The rapid succession of earthquakes in a relatively small vicinity has led to increasing amounts of damage to homes and other buildings in the area. There have also been several landslides in the areas where many residents work on local farms.


The earthquakes and subsequent damage have interfered with people’s ability to work, leaving them unable to purchase adequate food supplies. Disrupted water supplies have led to people becoming ill from drinking dirty, unsanitary water. BGR is supplying food and water to many of the affected areas. Due to the possibility of more earthquakes, the reconstruction of or repair to damaged homes has not yet begun.


Join us in praying for the people of Mindanao and the surrounding areas.
  • Pray that the area will stabilize, and no additional damage will occur.
  • Pray that people will have adequate food, clean water, and can begin returning to work.
  • Pray that reconstruction efforts can begin to take shape and begin the arduous task of healing and rebuilding.
  • Pray for partners and other responders on the ground, that they will have the stamina and wisdom to help the victims.