Cyclone Fani: Disaster Update

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(Credit NOAA)

Cyclone Fani is poised to be the largest, strongest cyclone to make landfall in India in 20 years. With 100 million people in the path of this monster storm, the damage could be catastrophic. Currently, officials are encouraging people to evacuate areas at-risk and offering advice for those who are choosing to stay.

While Cyclone Fani poses a tremendous threat along the coast, the possibility of severe inland flooding is also high.

Pray for the individuals in the path of this storm. Pray that a calm and order descends upon the neighborhoods at risk and residents are able to flee to safety or adequately be prepared for the onslaught if they choose to stay.

Pray for responders on the ground who are helping with the evacuation process and those who are preparing for the potential rescue and recovery efforts that may arise over the next several hours.