Creating a sustainable life

Micro Enterprise and Job Skills | Print

In poor areas, pastors often struggle. Their congregations can’t support them. So, they must find decent jobs that offer the flexibility necessary to care for church members. You gave one pastor the materials needed to start a business making and selling bricks and footpath slabs. The endeavor even helped garner income for others. Below, he offers his thanks …
“I am thankful for God’s grace in providing the project funds. I live in one of the poorest areas of [my country], where most of my neighbors live from ‘hand to mouth’ each day, growing crops and performing whatever work can be found. My goals in starting the project were to help provide a livable income for us here while we are doing church ministry and to help my neighbors have work and income. … We have made progress in all of these goals this past year. I am also thankful that, due to the income from the project, I no longer have to leave home and church for periods of time in order to obtain needed income. …. My prayer is that God will continue to work His will in my life and in the life of the church and its members. … Please pray God will continue to work in me and to grow me, our church and His work in this area. Amen.”


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