COVID-19 Update: A Letter from CEO Jeff Palmer

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Dear BGR donors and partners,

Since news of the coronavirus threat first emerged up until today, a lot has changed. 

In fact, most of us are experiencing change at such a quick pace that it’s hard to wrap our heads around what is happening in the world around us. From daily reports of new infections, deaths, and potential long-term effects to monumental fallouts in the global economy, there is so much uncertainty and fear circulating today.

In the midst of crisis, there is always an opportunity for the body of Christ to rise up and respond with compassion and care

How is BGR helping?

In a time when people, and even whole countries, are sheltering in place, we are encouraging our partners around the world to find ways to safely reach out to those in need. 

Our focus is on the following areas:

  1. Meeting strategic needs according to our relief and development guidelines.
  2. Seeking solutions that are low-cost but impactful because of the potential economic crisis.
  3. Giving priority to COVID-19-related requests, especially those helping vulnerable and needy populations (widows, orphans, displaced families, etc.)
  4. Where possible, mobilizing and empowering the local church to respond. They are able to come alongside their neighbors in ways that outsiders cannot.

The BGR team has developed a simple virtual training module to help our partners think of safe, strategic ways that they can respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though our teams are quarantined, they are using these online forums to encourage partners to minister to their neighbors as best they can.

What are some current projects in place?

As of March 23, BGR has started several hunger-related COVID-19 projects, as families in poverty are hit the hardest in times of crisis. Some of these projects are also focusing on hygiene and soap, mask, and sanitizer distributions. Currently, BGR is operating 19 projects in 12 different countries.

It is expected for this number to double in the coming week. 

We will diligently monitor resources and make sure that we are stewarding funds in such a way that we will not only be able to respond well these next few weeks, but also for the next several months. 

Final Thoughts

We are encouraged to see that our field partner trainings are paying off in this response. We have been able to mobilize international partners to respond in ways that enable them to show the love of Christ.

Resources are tight because of the current economic situation, and the future of charitable giving is unsteady. We will be wise stewards in the coming months while praying and trusting that the Lord will provide what we need for our partners to respond.

In the midst of chaos, God is in control and there are always unique opportunities to show His love. God isn’t surprised by the COVID-19 pandemic. Somehow and in some way, it is all related to the accomplishment of His purpose of a multitude from every tongue, tribe, and nation standing before His throne. 

For such a time as this…

Jeff Palmer