Fighting COVID-19 in Africa

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The medical staff in one Central African nation have been working around the clock trying to save patients who were recently diagnosed with the coronavirus. They have been living, eating, and sleeping at their clinic for a full week now with few breaks and little support. 

Meanwhile, a neighboring country in the East, one of the poorest countries in the world, just confirmed its first case of COVID-19, causing widespread panic. This nation is not equipped with the medical supplies or doctors to combat such a deadly pandemic, and the people know it. 

You are bringing relief to the anxious during this first wave of cases. 

BGR is helping the 24/7 clinic stock up on masks, gowns, gloves, and disinfectants. The staff of six, who are exhausted after a week of nonstop intervention, are being relieved by a second team of doctors and nurses who will take up the mantle of selflessly serving their community. Fliers are also being distributed to surrounding villages with instructions on how to slow the spread of the virus and curb “pandemic anxiety” as the nation experiences its first deaths and quarantine lockdown. 

You are also helping an East African country gain access to 250 brand new hand-washing stations! Partners in the region, in keeping with cultural traditions, met with local leaders under a tree to plan a distribution of 25,000 COVID-19 prevention fliers, along with hand soaps, to families in need. 

These incredible projects are opening doors for community development opportunities that have previously been closed, and once again, we are seeing how God is using this global tragedy to bring the nations together and revive empathy for our neighbors.