Courage Homes: As Christmas approaches …

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Dear friends,

As Christmas approaches, life at Courage Homes is fairly peaceful. However, we still have no word about Gigi, who ran away a few weeks ago. The national and local police are still on alert. Please pray Gigi will remember the pieces of Jesus she has experienced and that she'll either come back to us or find another safe place.

After living at Courage Homes for almost two years, Rani received a one-week holiday from government social services to stay with relatives in the city. As she left, she told women on our team that she wanted to keep studying hard when she returned so she could become a police officer in the future. And yet, she struggles to discern true righteousness and freedom. The time she spends away this week will be a crucial test in her life. Pray Rani will make positive choices and keep moving toward God's purposes for her life. Pray for protection from anyone (including herself) who would lead her down a wrong path.

As it happens, the seven girls currently residing with us (not counting Rani) have all arrived within the past six months, so this will be their first Courage Homes Christmas. On Christmas Eve morning, the staff and girls will enjoy a special celebration followed by additional activities inside the home on Christmas Day. Pray that as the girls talk, sing, act and dance with our staff over the coming week, they may each have a personal encounter with Christ.

Meanwhile, our family has invited the young women living at Beauty For Ashes Restoration Home to join us for Christmas evening dinner in our apartment. Among the seven coming will be Ekta, Kushi and another girl, young women who transferred from Courage Homes to Beauty For Ashes after turning 18. We've seen them every Sunday at church, and we are encouraged to know they continue to study with the Beauty For Ashes staff.

Our children began three weeks of winter break today, and we're looking forward to a short vacation at the beach in Goa on Jan. 2-7!

Coming up in the New Year…

·      We plan to send Courage Homes staff to give awareness talks in local schools, churches and slum projects using a story/picture flip chart that a volunteer helped us create.

·      We will explore the option of buying land for a permanent Courage Homes site.

·      We hope to hire a second social worker and another caregiver.

·      We want to develop a distinct daily schedule and living situation for Rani and two other girls who will stay with us until they turn 18. It will include more daily choices and responsibilities. The current schedule was designed to help the many short-term girls who come and go.

Pray for wisdom and provision in these matters.

Thanks for your partnership in prayer. Merry Christmas!