Coronavirus in Colombia

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“On Friday we submitted a project to BGR, Saturday we had approval, and now our living room looks like a market.”

This is what one BGR partner in South America had to say about how quickly you are empowering partners around the world to respond to the coronavirus outbreak. 

In Colombia, partners will be distributing food throughout seven different regions that were hit particularly hard by the economic hardship that COVID-19 has caused. These food packages will be given to families who have recently lost their jobs.

This food distribution is also helping bring communities together, with volunteers from surrounding countries traveling in to help make sure these families get the help they so desperately need. 

Please pray that the families who receive this food will feel the power of God’s love for them.

Pray that they would feel cared for and seen by their community. 

Pray for the workers who lost their jobs, that they would not find their worth in their occupation and that they would find new ways to feed their families during this trying time.