Clearing the Air

Widows, Orphans, and Children | Print

For the privacy and dignity of the individual, this photo does not show the person mentioned in the story.

Take a big breath of fresh air. Breathe in through your nose, feel the air fill your lungs and exhale through your mouth.  

It’s relaxing, right?  

Gelila breathed in that fresh air after friends like you helped provide her with new stoves. You helped fund two for her that burn cardboard briquettes instead of charcoal or wood, which are not only cheaper but also produce less smoke.  

And clean air is so important for Gelila and her family. She and two of her children are HIV positive and susceptible to illness. Their old cooking fires used to fill up their small, mud home with smoke and make any sickness they had even worse.

But now, they can breathe!

Thank you for giving them such an amazing gift, and please pray for the millions of people around the world fighting HIV/AIDS. Pray they can find ways to stay healthy.


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