Changing the World One Pencil At a Time

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Pastor Gabriel has watched the children in his community grow up before his eyes. He knows their laughs. He has seen their tears. And he knows their dreams. He knows that they long to be in school, learning about a world that they can, one day, experience and to which they can contribute. But he is also keenly aware of the barriers that threaten these dreams. 

In his village, the key to ending systemic poverty and achieving a healthier, higher quality of life is education. Unfortunately, many children can’t get the education they long for and deserve because they can’t afford the school supplies they need. These kids are often impoverished. Many are orphans. For these children, a backpack isn’t a given. Notebooks and pencils aren’t just lying around. Even crayons are often luxuries they do not get to enjoy. 

That is beginning to change. Because of you and your generosity, BGR and its local partners are providing the children in Pastor Gabriel’s village with school supplies through the Kits for Kids program. Each child will receive three notebooks, one ruler, one eraser, two pens, three pencils, one colored pencil set, one pencil sharpener, one glue stick, a pencil sack, and a backpack.

With these supplies, children will have the opportunity to get the education they long for, and with it, a future of hope and promise. The significance of these kits is not lost on Pastor Gabriel, who says, “Thank you to everyone who works with you for the work of service to the Lord.  Thank you for the salvation for the students by providing backpacks and school supplies that help the schools and Sunday School students.”

It takes so little to change a life. Please continue to pray for Pastor Gabriel, his community, and the community’s tomorrow.