Now I See: Clinic Saves Baby’s Eyesight

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You don’t always get to see the people you help when you give to BGR. But there’s one person who can see because friends like you gave to BGR—Logol’s baby daughter.

Not long ago, Logol’s eyes were wide with panic when an infection threatened her child with blindness. Now, you can hear Logol tell the story, in her own words, of the day you helped save her daughter’s sight.


“My name is Logol.*

I came to the clinic with my baby who was only six months old. She had been sick and her eyes were swollen and it was very hard to open. She was crying every day and night. I did not have money to take her to the clinic in town. My baby’s eyes were getting worse and even pus started to come out of [them].

“My friend told me about the clinic the Baptists have and they do not charge much money. I knew that I had to take her there. I had to walk for four hours to get to the clinic. I came very early to be seen by them. I knew the clinic was going to open at 9:00, so I was there at 6:00 to get in line and to be seen.

“The people at the clinic was [sic] very good to [me] and my baby. They told me that my baby had an eye infection and that it was very bad. They told me that I needed to be rushed to the main hospital in another town very soon or she would lose her eyesight. I knew that it was bad but I did not know how serious it was.

“All the nurses and doctor stopped everything they were doing and prayed for me and my baby. I am a young mother and this is my first and only child. This was very scary to me.

“They immediately arranged for transportation, my food, and sent me to the hospital. I had no money for anything. They paid for the treatment for my baby.

“Today, my baby can see and her eyes completely healed because of the clinic. The way [they] cared for me and my baby was something I have never experienced. The doctor in the main hospital also said that if I had delayed any longer, my baby would have become blind. I am very thankful for the clinic and for the work they are doing.”

There was a chance that Logol’s baby might have never seen her mother’s face again. But your gifts kept that from happening. The clinic in their village had the resources to keep that from happening.

You can keep it from happening to another family. Help fund a clinic with medical supplies from the BGR Gift Catalog. There’s a family in crisis who just needs a doctor to tell them, “Yes, we can help you.”

*Name changed