BGR school teaches, feeds and changes refugee children

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*Tira’s children had not been to school in a long time. They had none to attend.

As Syrian refugees, they lacked educational opportunities in the foreign nation where they lived and waited for violence to cease at home.

When BGR opened up a school in their refugee community, Tira’s children crowded into classrooms with about 100 other students, happy and eager to learn again. Not only did the school provide lessons in reading, arithmetic and science, but it also served at least one meal per day through BGR’s school lunch program. This helped struggling refugees feed their families.

And while students learned, studied and ate, they also heard stories from the Bible. Although Tira’s family observed the dominant local religion, she never minded the biblical lessons on values. In fact, she felt grateful for them because they changed her children.

For example, she said her kids were fighting at home one day, and before she could intercede, the older sister suddenly stopped arguing. Instead, she told her sibling they shouldn’t fight because the Bible said they must love each other.

Tira had never seen her children behave so well.

*Name changed