BGR Responds to Philippines Earthquakes

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A 6.9 magnitude earthquake hit the Philippines on Sunday, December 15. BGR relief teams, who were already on the ground responding to a series of previous earthquakes in the region, are assessing the most pressing needs of the areas most affected in the┬áDavao province. There are nearly 300,000 people living within 9 miles of the earthquake’s epicenter and, of those affected, almost 28% already live below the poverty line and were struggling to make ends meet before this disaster struck.

As with most calamities, the families living in poverty have the least amount of financial resiliency to help them make it through such an emergency. Even the smallest amount of assistance helps these families in significant and lasting ways.

The multitude of small earthquakes that have hit the Philippines in the past month left widespread damage. BGR is supplying food, water, hygiene kits, and transitional shelter items to those most devastated.