Be the Light

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(For the privacy and dignity of the individual, this photo does not show the person mentioned in the story.)

“This project is like a light in what has been a very dark life.”

That’s what Zohre says about the beautician classes she attends. Friends like you gave her a rare glimpse of hope by putting a pair of scissors and a hair dryer in her hands.

Until now, Zohre’s story has been unspeakably sad. Insurgents killed her father and brother when she was 11. Her uncle arranged her marriage when she was 12. Soon after, her fiancé committed suicide once she refused to elope. Then, she spent a year in prison when others blamed her and her mother for his death.

But now, she has a skill she can use to make a better life for herself.

Thank you for giving Zohre and other young women around the world opportunities to move past tragedy and support their own families. Thank you for letting God use your generosity to show love.

Give your best toward job skills classes in the BGR Gift Catalog and help shine light into lives like Zohre’s.


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