Pastors Share Hurricane Dorian Heartbreak

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Stories of Hurricane Dorian’s aftermath continue to surface from Baptist pastors shepherding the remaining Bahamians on the island of Grand Bahama.

In an interview with our emergency response team, one pastor shared that their community lost a minister and his family of seven in the storm, but they are seeking to serve God in the midst of their collective grief.

Another minister, his eyes brimming with tears, discussed the weekly food distributions that they are holding in the center of Freeport, the largest city on the island. Many evacuees from Abaco flock to the distributions every week, but this Wednesday, September 18, will mark the last day they will be able to supply enough food for the community.

The pastor continued his explanation of the heartbreak they have experienced following Hurricane Dorian, saying, “We survived, [but] it is so hard just listening to my people’s stories. Just this morning I had a father sitting on my couch telling me how his children were blown [away] from his arms – what can I say?”

BGR teams are continuing their distribution of blankets, food, and hygiene kits, and we ask that you join us in praying that God will grant His favor to these hurting people.