Aid Raises Hope After Earthquake Claims Man’s Family

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(For the privacy and dignity of the individual, this photo does not show the person mentioned in the story.)

“And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.”

—Philippians 4:7

When a natural disaster happens—like the earthquake that rocked an island in Southeast Asia—time seems to stop. Homes demolished. Thousands of lives lost without warning. It’s incomprehensible. But we have a God that can spark the tiniest flame of hope to keep us going when our world falls apart.

Koko’s world fell apart in an instant.

Koko was a subsistence farmer on the island, growing corn and tubers like cassava. He was on his way home from the fields when the earthquake struck. As the ground violently rumbled around him, he could only think of his wife and child back at home. Please let them be safe. Please let them be safe.

When he finally made it to his home, his worst fears were realized. The house had collapsed on itself. His family hadn’t made it out. Searching the rubble, he found the bodies of his wife and child, and he wept hysterically.

I lost everything and did not know what to do.”

For days, Koko was mad with grief, inconsolable. He felt totally alone.

Then, BGR partners arrived with precious supplies: tarps to provide some shelter and food to give people strength. Koko realized he wasn’t as alone as he thought. Who were these people who cared about him enough to send him these comforts? He took his share of the gifts. And then he did something amazing, something unbelievable for anyone in his situation—he gave thanks to God.

“But I give thanks in such conditions there are people and friends, who I did not know before, like you, who came to help me and show care for what I and others like me have experienced.”

Koko’s food quickly ran out. He still didn’t have a home or a family. But he did have his small flame of hope, and that was enough to keep him going.

But I believe that the Lord will not leave me alone. What I have received from these friends, a tarp and food, is proof that the Lord still loves me.”

You can’t always be there to wrap an arm around the shoulder of someone deep in grief like Koko. But here’s what you can do: You can donate to Disaster Response projects and send items like tarps, emergency food, and water. Then you can ask God to wrap His loving kindness around every despairing person and keep their hope alive.


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